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tour the nazca lines of peru

Peru's famous Nazca Lines are large lines etched into the desert floor by an ancient people that inhabited the deserts south of Lima several centuries ago. These lines depict people, animals, plants and wildlife scenes and because they are so large, they can only be seen from the air.

It was not until the turn of the nineteenth century that these lines were discovered, because they were seen by pilots flying the first airplanes over these remote and rugged desert landscapes.

Because there is virtually no rain in this area of Peru along the coast between Peru and Chile, the Nazca Lines have been preserved for centuries. The purpose of the Nazca Lines, is unknown, however it is believed that perhaps the ancient people who drew these lines in the desert floor were passing on a signal to passing flocks of birds on how to cross the desert to the Andean Mountain passes, where food and water were more abundant.

Peru Travel Map

nazca lines - 1 Day Tour - Lima / Ica / Lima

  • Schedule for a 1-day tour

    Start Time Activity
    08:15 Transfer Hotel / Airport
    09:00 Arrive at Airport
    09:45 Flight Lima / Ica
    10:45 Arrive at Ica´s airdrome
    11:00 Overflight of the Nazca Markings
    12:15 Brief city orientation
    12:30 Visit the Archaeological museum
    13:15 Drive to hotel Las Dunas
    13:30 Lunch at the hotel
    15:45 Drive to Airport
    16:15 Flight Ica / Lima
    17:15 Transfer Airport / Hotel>
    18:00 Arrive Hotel

  • Morning transfer to the airport. Assistance on departure flight to Ica. Change to a smaller, high-wing, light aircraft for the overflight of the mysterious Nasca Lines (also known as Nasca Markings), which can only be appreciated from the air. Even though they are centuries old, how they were made and their purpose are still an enigma. After lunch in Ica, visit the Regional Museum and the Huacachina Lagoon. Later, return flight to Lima. Upon arrival transfer to your choice of hotel, to be arranged.

  • NOTES:
      This excursion may not be exclusive to the agency during the flights.
      As space on the planes is restricted, guests must limit their carry on items.
      Little walking involved.
      Lunch at the resort Hotel Las Dunas in Ica includes a set menu served with a glass of mineral water or soft drink (fruit juice, beer, wine and other drinks are not included).
      Restrooms facilities are available at airports, Hotel Las Dunas and the museum
      Timeline could change pending airlines schedules.
      Small souvenir shop and video room available
      The flight departures are dependent upon wind & clear conditions (delays are common however cancellations are rare).
      The airport (ICA airdrome) consists of an outdoor waiting area, a small café serving snacks & a small area with animals including a caged condor.
  • OTHER:
      Description of Aircraft: Aerocondor operates the flight with non-air-conditioned small, high-winged Cessna´s varying from 3-12 seats.
      Seating arrangements are one and one (one seat on each side of the plane) or two and one. Guests cannot change seats during the flight. The skating is very cramped. Window seats are not guaranteed.



      Our guide will transfer you from the hotel to the bus station. Take tour bus from the city of Lima to Paracas, Peru. The bus ticket is included. A guide will then transfer you from the bus station to your hotel.
      Guide will transfer you from the hotel to Lima airport. Take a local flight from Lima to the airport at Pisco. Note: Your ticket is included in the tour price. Meet with our guide and transfer from the airport in Pisco to your hotel in Paracas.

    Round trip transfer from the hotel to the Pisco airport. (Private service) From this airport take the overflight in a propellor plane over the famous Nazca Lines for approximately one and one half hours.


    Our local guide will meet you in the morning for the transfer to the dock at the coastal town of Paracas. Take a morning tour by motorboat to the offshore wildlife refuge and the protected natural beauty of the islands at Ballestra. This tour is approximately two to three hours. The Ballestras are a wildlife refuge for a large colony of sea lions and numerous sea birds who have found a home here. After the tour, return to the dock at Paracas and transfer back to your hotel for lunch. Afternoon at leisure.


      Our local guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and transfer you from the hotel to the bus station. The bus ticket is included. Meet with our local guide in Lima and transfer to your hotel in Lima, Peru.
      Our local guide will meet you at the hotel lobby for a transfer to the airport at Pisco. Take the local flight for approximately one hour back to Lima. The plane ticket Pisco/Lima is included. Our local guide will meet you for the transfer from the Lima Airport to your hotel.

Machu Picchu Travel Hotels

Paracas Hotel in Peru

paracas hotels peru tour

While traveling to the Nazca Lines, overnight at the hoels along the coast in the Peruvian town of Paracas. Many of these hotels are along the coast with a view of the ocean.

Peru Coastal Hotel dock-side at Paracas Peru

Peruvian coastal hotelson the way to nazca

Among our recommended hotels in this area is the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel.

Dock on the way for the tour of the Ballestras Islands

dockside hotels gateway to the ballestras islands

Hotels in Paracas offer access both to Nazca, Ica, and the wildlife coastal refuge called the Ballestras Islands - home to sea lion colonies and wide variety of sea birds.