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Luxury and first-class travel to Machu Picchu and the Amazon in Peru. Tours through the Amazon and up to machu Picchu

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Peruvian amazon tours - tambopata or iquitos

Tours through Cusco or Machu Picchu east or north, the trails lead down from the Andes to the Amazon region of Peru. The river that runs past Machu Picchu feeds east into the Amazon tributaries that eventually pass through Peru into Brazil and on to the Atlantic Ocean, several thousand miles to the east.

The beautiful Peruvian rivers that flow east past Machu Picchu reach the town of Puerto Maldonado, about an hour flight east from Cusco, and to Iquitos much further to the north and close to the border with Brazil. From Cusco, take a flight to the Puerto Maldonado and a transfer to river lodges. The average stay in the Amazon is for three or four nights with two or three full days of jungle exploration. All meals are included at the lodges. There are several lodges available in the area of Puerto Maldonado, including Reserva Amazonica, with lodges located on the river bank or near an Amazon lake. Mosquitos are rarely a problem. In the area of Iquitos, travelers must take a flight from Lima, as there are no connecting flights between Cusco / Machu Picchu and Iquitos. In the area of Iquitos there are also several lodges available, including the Explorama Lodge, Mayuna as well as luxury-class river boats that sail from Iquitos up the river for several days.

Machu Picchu Tour Map
Amazon Tours

amazon tours to the tambopata area of peru

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights - Daily Departures - Land Only - Call for pricing
  • Day 1 cusco / puerto maldonado

    Transfer to the Cusco airport for the flight to Puerto Maldonado. Upon arrival, you will be met by guides who will take you, on a motor launch, up-river to the lodge. Check into your jungle bungalow for three or four nights.

    The lodges have private bathrooms, some electrical lighting and are fully protected from insects. Most lodges have a ceiling fan installed for comfort at night. All meals are included during your stay at the jungle lodge.

    Begin the jungle adventure with a night time tour of the jungle paths to observe the jungle inhabitants and wildlife, or take a canoe ride with the lodge guides to search the lakes and rivers for the South American Caiman, known in the north as the alligator.

  • Day 2 Puerto Maldonado / jungle lodge

    All day tours through the jungle trails. Observe local wildlife with the resident naturalist guide. There are a myriad of birds that can be seen in these jungles, for the amazement of all, including bird watchers. Occasionally a Howler monkey and other monkey species can be seen foraging in the trees. Many of the lodges have canopy walkways where you can walk along the tree tops, in the early morning or at dusk.

  • Day 3 Puerto Maldonalo / jungle lodge

    Transfers from many of the lodges offer an additional tour to the local parrot lick. Here jungle birds, including native species of parrots, macaws and other birds, gather at a salt lick to feed on salt.

  • Day 4 puerto maldonalo / lima

    Transfer to the airport from the lodge for flight to Cusco or Lima. For those staying for the four night jungle tour, transfer out to the airport on day 5.


peruvian river tour - lima / iquitos / amazon region

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights - Daily Departures - Land Only - Call for pricing (Double)

    Transfer to the Lima airport for the flight to Iquitos in northern Peru. Upon arrival, you will be met and driven to the river dock for a transfer. Transfer onto the river boat for a three, four, or seven night cruise. Accommodations are in luxury-class cabins with large picture windows. The ship is fully air conditioned, has large social areas, and a galley and dining room for guests.

    Travel up-river for days of exploration and adventure in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon region. Explore jungle trails, enjoy hiking and much more, with daily shore excursions with qualified naturalist guides -- including visits to local Indian villages.

    Please call for details about availability of river boats for the dates you are planning to travel


Amazon Jungle Lodge Hotel

reserva amazonica premier jungle lodge, PERU

Some of the best jungle lodges in Peru are an hour flight from Cusco. Arrive at the river town of Puerto Maldonado, and travel up river to your jungle lodge by motor launch.

Peruvian Amazon Jungle Canopy

jungle canopyamazon lodge

Many of the Peruvian Amazon Lodges have a jungle canopy walk. Best to rise early in the morning to see the jungle come to life.

Amazon River Cruise, Peru

river boat tours cruise on the river in peru

Some of the best river boats depart from the north of Peru from the town of Iquitos. Fly from Lima to Iquitos and depart from the dock to join your river cruise for three, four or seven nights.